Tuesday, January 30, 2007

whats cooking!!

For visitors who have inadvertently visited this blog expecting to learn a few tricks in cooking, I suggest you to learn the basics first at www.wetspark.blogspot.com

This blog will be predominantly fishy…err. I mean predominantly pure non-vegetarian!

All the recipes are shamelessly lifted form some cookbooks and cuisine websites…Nevertheless they are original because the dishes rarely come out like what they were planned for.

Back to business I am going to talk about Prawns Laurens (dedicated to Sophia Laurens)

Lethal materials for the concoction

1) 500 gm cleaned and ready to cook prawns (golden rule for a bachelor...Never bother to do the cleaning yourself…leave that job to the professionals)
2) 2 big onions
3) 2 Tomato (preferably Italian)
4) Oil (just pour the oil as per intuition. I didn’t have a beaker to check the amount that day)
5) Turmeric powder
6) Salt
7) Garam masala

A short marketing I wanna make. Use Vadakekara garam masala to get the original taste. And if guys are wondering that you never heard of such a brand, I swear it’s even listed in the NASDAQ...and moreover it is one of those Estd. 1655 company!!!! Am getting huge returns in excess of 300% for the shares I have invested in V star *** garam masala!! We recently even had our shareholders meet at Vadakekara Parambu!!

8) Chilly powder
9) Green chilies

Making the concoction

Boil the prawns in water with little salt for say 8 minutes until the prawns are quite cooked. Drain the water and keep it aside.
Sauté the sliced onions in oil with a pinch of turmeric until the onions are transparent.
Add up the sliced tomatoes and 4 teaspoons of red chilies and a pinch of garam masala.
Keep mixing it in medium flame until the oil starts coming out of the mixture.
Add the prawns, which was kept aside to it and spread the gravy over it.
Check and add salt as required.
Put the green chilies and cook it for approx two minutes or until you are sure that the prawns are quite cooked well.
Serve it with rice and curd!!!

And if the damn thing you made is anywhere like this, I think it is edible.


Faceless politician to Press after calling of a 45 day fast..

“I must thank this terrific chef for inspiring me. Whenever I need to do a hunger strike I try out one of his recipes and amazingly I develop a strange revulsion for food. It is a huge emotional obstacle to start eating food once again.. Coz of that a hunger strike is just a cakewalk after you try one of his recipes…”

UN population control department spokesman

“Fantabulous..After all those population control programs failed, his free food program was a huge relief…Remarkably a 90% increase in fatalities at the places he had gone. A huge flip to our initiatives”

Somebody just after trying this out..

“”%@*# that…………..” He collapsed shortly before completing the sentence…….

Monday, January 29, 2007