Monday, October 6, 2008


As a kid I have never had to go hungry at home…because my parents ensured that we had three square meals everyday …Not every one is lucky like you and me…

This post is a bit different from the usual posts I have written in this blog…There are no recipe’s (which I fondly call as catastrophes) in this post.. ;-P

In the colorful and appetizing world of food blogs I have come across hundreds of dishes from across the world…I started following the blogs initially out of passion for trying something different from the usual fare and then I actually began to enjoy the cooking….

As we all know food taste’s the best when...

1) The food is served with love...It could be your life partner...your mom. or any favorite people in your life…
2) You are really hungry…and I mean dead hungry….

We all put lot of devotion to prepare food for the people who fall in the first category…We prepare the spice mix days in advance if you are planning a special dinner or if you are calling friends over home…and there is so much passion involved in creating that perfect carte for our loved ones…We do all this because we genuinely like the people for whom we are serving the food?

Though am hardly someone to be called a food blogger, I have seen so many online food festivals and other initiatives in the network of food blogs where recipes and little cooking tips are shared…There so much of knowledge which I get from reading these posts…and I see so much of effort being put to spread this…And I was wondering at the power vested in the deft hands of all food bloggers and the possibility to make a change…So this post is about making a little change for someone else..

Most of us haven’t had to experience that feeling in our lives…Most of us as adults could always afford to buy food whenever we needed…and splurge too…But unfortunately there are millions who cant….
I am requesting for a small help….Just take time out in a weekend…Instead of cooking for our friends or guests…Think about cooking for someone else if you are willing to..

Call up the nearest charity/ old-age home/ orphanage at your locality and request the caretaker if you could cook a dish for the lunch on a weekend …

A little note for folks who are currently abroad in the West…I know many of us put in our little share by donating money to such organizations…But this a request for a little more..
If you wonder, there are quite a lot of people in the west who cant afford a meal too…There are hundred’s of people in Europe/ US who survive on the food served at these charities…So the geographical location of where you are doesn’t matter because there are poor people in every nook and corner of this world.

How can I cook for so many people?
You don’t have to cook an elaborate meal for 100 people…Just a simple dish…or just cookies…or cakes…would do… It is actually very light on your pockets too but gives a satisfaction beyond that… You can buy 100 chicken legs for just 25$ …:-) I have seen a Korean Woman’s association out here doing that, ordinary housewives who cook and donate homemade food to charities …

Why the charity needs food…they already get it from somewhere?
Yes…they get food from mostly shops which donate the unsold stock of bread or veggies or poultry which are close to expiry date…or restaurant’s with surplus food which they are anyways planning to throw away at end of the day…I feel sad when I realize that we still don’t have the courtesy to give good stuff for people who cant afford it…So if you manage to make a little change in the daily palate of almost outdated bread, salads or sausages it will make a lot of change….taste wise and otherwise..

I don’t know what to promise you for doing this…Most of the charities can’t afford anything spectacular food wise...they usual survive on ready made food and quick fix meals...A tasty home made food from your wonder hands will go a lot to bring satisfaction to people who are used to this regular fare..

I can guarantee you 100% free happiness and broad smile on your face. If you still don’t believe it, check yourself in your mirror after doing it!!:-)

I would be glad if you let me know if you have done anything as part of this initiative. Please drop a comment telling:-

1) Where you are from
2) What did you serve and for how many people
3) To which organization did the food go

This is a little initiative where I will be very happy even if its just one person who has something to eat from your kitchen’s after reading this post…

Thank you..