Sunday, October 28, 2007

Long long ago just like in the movie “Forrest Gump” I used to be chided for a different reason…Instead of “Run Forrest run!!” it was “Eat Carrots son!!”

I used to wake up in the middle of the night when I used to hear those echoing commands. .”Eat carrots Son!!”

Several years later I began getting threatening mails from PETA and other such organizations. I suspected PETA to be some sort of crime syndicate who were planning to eliminate me if I did not start consuming greener living things. Since my beloved friend Don Corleone was lodged in Tihar Jail at that time I had to succumb to this external pressure. For fear of my dear life after the Bourne ultimatum from the syndicate I had to take the help of and thus it resulted in the creation of “Carrobrocolina”…
Guys don’t get alarmed by the name...It is not that lethal bacteria which killed the dinosaurs, but infact a extremely vegetarisch dish eaten by a peculiar tribe in Germany. Unfortunately I am the sole surviving member and consumer of this tribe.

As you see from the slide below it is made of:-

Broccoli (not another bacteria again)
Carrot (we probably might have used it as bails for our cricket matches)
Tomatoes (as you know. I always get it from Italy for the authentic touch)
Onions (round shaped balls with an emotional touch)
Green chilies (used as ear buds in 36 B.C by Julius Ceaser’s Grandfather)
Coconut Milk ( yes…not the kallu)

Keep all of them ready and take 4 hours break to get through the sheer exhaustion of it and between take a snap like this. You will be surprised to know that they are infact more photogenic than us.

Please return to the hell hole..err..the kitchen..and heat oil in pan .If you are the kind of person who says life is boring and there isn’t much fun in living etc..etc..I suggest to pour half a glass of water when the oil is hot..Life gets cracking therafter.

Now do the regular standardized procedure of making any curry..that is spluttering mustards, adding cloves/cinnamon and cardamom and then a teaspoon of ginger garlic paste followed by sautéing the onions with the right dash of turmeric and chill powder added later on. Now add the cut broccoli cum carrot along with salt and allow it to cook for sometime. Probably you will be dead tired by now and therefore you can help yourself with a beer.

Once the carrots and broccoli is semi-cooked add coconut milk, tomatoes and water. Allow it cook till the curry looks edible. Meanwhile seperately fry dry red chilies along with curry leaves and add to the above mix.

As always call the person in house whom you hate the most and ask him to taste it.. In case there is no violent physical assault on you after this, the curry can be declared as safe for human consumption.

The below picture is the standard specimen of Carrobrocolina and the chef shares a trivia here…This one is the favourite dish of Winston Churchill and Marlin Monroe…You cant cross check that neways.. ;-P

*Goes well along with chapatti or roti…