Sunday, September 7, 2008

A pudding love story.

When I was a kid I always looked forward to visit my native place and especially one place called Chootuvelli where my aunt lived. Apart from the excitement of meeting my cousins there was another reason why I was so eager about it always... To relish the delicacies made by my favourite aunt…Daisy aunty…

If there was one person who could easily fit the tag of people who made food with love, it had to be her. Biriyani, meat rolls, chicken fry, mango milk shake from Daisy aunty’s kitchen were legendary, but what held a special place for me was the pudding she prepared.

So while I called her up yesterday I was tempted to ask the secret of her pudding. Well I know that I ll never be able to match her tonnes of experience, so I was glad when she explained to me a little innovation of her to make an ordinary pudding look exotic. I love puddings and given a choice between ice cream and pudding, I would sure yeah to pudding any day! If asked specifically why I love puddings its coz they have a mild sensuous pleasure which an ice cream doesn’t have.Its like a porsche versus Hummer, both are poles apart.

Pudding powder mix is easily available in the market and I don’t have to explain how to make a pudding. It’s easy to figure out how to make a pudding and you don’t need Mensa level intelligence for that. So how to make the pudding extra special?

*Powder a packet of ordinary biscuits (I used walnut biscuits though) to a coarse form.(Don’t make it too fine)
*Heat 3-4 teaspoon of butter in a pan and once it has melt add the biscuit powder.
*On a low flame keep blending this mix until you get a nice aroma of butter+biscuit.
*Transfer this content to the frame where you want the pudding to be served.
*Make a nice bed of this mix on it which would act as the base for the pudding.

Now go ahead and make the pudding.

*Just boil the milk and add sugar depending on the content of the pudding powder.(Sometimes sugar is part of it).
*Keep stirring it until its quite thick.(like in thick curd).
*Be careful not allow any lumps to be formed while heating and make sure an even consistency is maintained. It is preferable to use a whipper if you have one.
*Pour the mix over the biscuit base evenly and allow it to settle.
*After a few minutes when the heat is gone, keep the frame in the refrigerator for a couple of hours.
*Serve it after a heavy non-veg meal..;-P