Monday, February 19, 2007

pot at to

I was dropping by this friend's house far too many times for dinner and thought I should give this nice couple some of my custom made lethal bazookas..But the catch was that they were vegetarians..

For someone like me who shares the heavy burden of keeping the population of chickens..atlantic fish..prawns…and many other overpopulated species under was sacrilegious to cook something vegetarian…Neways after seeking blessings from a well adorned and sealed chicken kept in the freezer ,I started on the unthinkable

A couple of potatoes and onions were ruthlessly scrubbed..shaved and sliced..By then I was deep in emotional guilt at doing what a pure non vegetarian should have never done..
Nevertheless a little guilt is as good as a fulsome guilt..And I sliced a few carrots and green chilies to complete the blood shed…

After frying the onions along with the green chilies and a dash of turmeric powder,chilly powder, salt add the potatoes which should be already cooked and mashed separately.By the way I forgot to tell you that keep the potatoes cooked and smashed .Also cook the carrot sliced length wise and about 1 inch long along with the green peas..Drain the water out and keep it aside..Make sure they are not overcooked..
Add the carrot slice and green peas to the potato already in the tawa..Mix the whole lot until the entire thing becomes one good looking filling..Add salt and red chilly as required. And keep the stuff aside..

Meanwhile remove the edge of a few bread slices..Keep a plate aside with some water in it…Toss the bread keep your hand a few feet above the plate..Since we don’t have any butter on either side murphy’s law doesn’t work here…make sure that you wet only one side of the slice.Squeeze water from it keep the slice between your hands and pressing gently..(not like u squeeze juice from a lemon)

Place our potato mix on the dry side of the bread and roll the this is some art..A kind of sculpting expertise is required..Seal the edge such that the potato mix is not visible now..If someone is there insensible like me just though of reminding that you can seal it without any adhesive…

Now heat lot of oil..i mean really lot that this roll should be floating in it…Add a crushed cardamom to the oil for a good aroma..when the oil is really gently the rolls and keep tilling it over until all the sides are golden brown..

Now it looks like something from the bakery…

thought for the day:don't count your chicken rolls before they cook !!


Mystic Rose said...

mmm..looks yummy!!

crushed cardamom in oil for frying..hey, never thought of that! thats a nice tip. ( hope it works though and i odnt end up with poil splattered all over me) :)

silverine said...

Wowwww!!!! Hey that looks simply delicious!!!

heavy burden of keeping the population of chickens..atlantic fish..prawns…and many other overpopulated species under check.....after seeking blessings from a well adorned and sealed chicken kept in the freezer' ROFL!!!

mathew said...

@mystic rose

yeah..i hope used to daredevil times in kitchen!!! :-P


yeah..i was even more surprised to see it came out okay!! :-P

Mishmash ! said...

My goodness, isn't that a bread roll! Boy, u sure can cook! :)

Cardamom in cooking oil,that sounds interesting. Thanks :)


Neihal said...

Rofl !!
you will have to get used to seeing just that as my comment. :)

mystic rose said...

thanks for trying the soup, mathew and kinda saving my reputaiton there..:P.

Jac said...

What about the the counting ? where are the missing one's gone ???

Alexis said...

Mathew you are genius. Should consider changing professions...

david santos said...

Guten morgem!
This work is very good. Thnk you.
Good week

silverine said...

*grumble* I am fed up of Pot Ate Toes...we want new recipes grrr

Synapse said...

man that looks good!

Arti Honrao said...

Am hungry!


broadwaybabe said...

yummy yum yum

How do we know said...

hmm... that cardamom idea was super and new for me too.

And bread rolls are an old favorite at home, sacrificed after we became teenages and quit everything fried in our diets.

crumbs said...

* steps back and bows *
no seriously, so be believing earning ur bread and rolls...not bad at all.
oh and you have been tagged...
again :P

White Forest said...

mhhhhhhhhh my mouth is watering :P

The Black King said...

Now I'm hungry... seriously!! :(

Dhanya said...

Hey nice one.. Never thought of cardamom in cooking oil.. 'll surely try it next time :)

N said...

wow! u seem to be quite an amazing cook, not to mention ur awesome writing style..

as far as oxymorons are concerned, lets just say my life is full of them :)

Want to take up that tag? Would be interesting to know.. let me know..

anN-series said...

enikku veshakunnuuuu!!!!

mathew said...

I should frame this comment..Getting it from expert cooks are like a citation.. :-)

Thanks. :-)

@Mystic Rose
hehehe..ofcoz it went to the place where it deserved..


thanks. good week to you too..

comin soon.. ;-P

looks can be deceiving ..hehehe..



@How do we know
Well I guess it was accidentally put that day,,and it became a habit henceforth

thanks.. ;-P

@White forest

@The black king
wow..i ll take that as a complement

You cant sue me if the recipe is a failure.. :-P

@N a deadly cook!! ;-P

I say it all the time.. ;-P

Shella said...

Me again, this one looks quite like the Indian bread rolls, except that the masalas are all pure n. indian ones used there. a lot of corriander leaves, some garam masala, some amchur etc. etc.

I guess that another thing you should add is that the bread should be white bread. I dont know but I used brown bread once & it turned all soggy & ruined the show.

Anonymous said...

Are u Vinu's cousin ....Mattu?

I thin Pot at to will make a good snack during Lent

mathew said...

infact i have a cousin as well as a friend called Vinu..and considering that the name is so common am not sure whether am the right cousin!!;-P

My cousin is now wokring in the middle you mean the same person..

Anne said...

No, I meant Vinu Mani Jose

mathew said...

oh..nope..he is my neighbour and collegemate friend..

Although basically every christian in kerala is related to one another one or the other way...we are related someway in a complicated permutation of a cousin whose brother in law is the elder uncle of the sister from Pala who was married to the third son of a kuttiachen born of 7th sister who got married to Varkichen of changancherry...and another sequence like that!! ;-P

Anne said...

shari shari.......namichu chettaaa