Sunday, November 11, 2007

James Bond meets Egg Bonda…

Source: The M secret dossier


M: Miss Moneypenny as you see… we need a name for our new agent. Do you have any suggestions Miss..?

Miss Moneypenny: affirmative madam. ..Q had recently visited Longitude 33 latitude 46 popularly known as Kerala on a secret mission. Apparently at his majesty’s service he attended a “karayogam” meeting to spy on the communist activities there.

M: Miss Moneypenny as you see I don’t have much time to delve in the details of agent Q’s espionage activities. Would you rather come to the point!

Miss Moneypenny: Excuse me for the brief aberration as I was momentarily reminded of my planned vacation at the Kuttanad resort. Coming to the point... Q tried out some of the alien dishes regardless of his safety during the dangerous mission. In a satellite call last week he send the following message.

“Cobra 1 2 3…Egg Bonda three cartons urgent...Over”

In our track record this is the only message that KGB hasn’t deciphered so far. Let’s call our agent Egg Bond!!.

Felix Leiter:
Interjection please agents. I would rather suggest a more British name James Bond unless you want to get sued by Vasu’s thattukada who currently holds the copyrights for Egg Bonda as per our intelligence reports.

M: okay...then please welcome JAMES BOND!!

To cut a long story short the post is about the inspirational egg bonda which I attempted to make recently. In my chequered history of 'mind blowing' and 'gas blowing' culinary exploits I think egg bonda easily can claim the slogan…”You can’t eat just one!”…not that you pass out before finishing the “one”!!

Culinary wise if you can’t make a proper egg dish rule yourself out as cooking for a career coz any egg dish is the easiest tastiest and quickest snack possible...As you all know egg has always been part of our day to day life. It has various advantages other than the proteins and vitamins…It was always employed as a tool of mass protest especially by onlookers during stage shows all over Kerala. The egg has been inspiration for movies like “Andaas Apna Apna” which was later translated to English as “Egg Mine Mine”. It also was sole reason for "French toast revolution" accoriding to historians..

So how you gonna make this trendsetting dish... No worries kids when the big chef is here!! ;-P

You just got to boil a few egg ...Cut them in half and separate out the yolk. Meanwhile sauté a couple of onions .After they are pretty fried up add ginger-greenchillies paste and a few karuvepallas...Also add half a teaspoon of pepper and salt as required. Now you add the yolk and mix the entire stuff for a few minutes until you get a finely blended mix.

Fill up the egg whites with this mix and restore it back into somewhat like an egg shape as shown below.

Once you are done with this the next part is to make a thick batter of Maida or besan with a pinch of salt. Dip the half eggs and deep fry it in oil. Just gotta be careful that you don’t over fry it...A couple of seconds is all it takes.

This egg bonda sure make a good snack with wine or beer.!!

This post is in loving memory of 4936 eggs I have consumed in my life…So much to make the world a better place to live…sigh..


Mishmash ! said...

First of all I cant believe that you find time to make such fancy yet yummy snacks!! Secondly, shall I suggest another anglicized name ? How about Deviled eggs? :) No jokes, some people like me call it that way too...bonda ennokke parayumbo oru style kuryille....:D I make a similar one,

Btw, the one in the last pic, is that from ur last Paris trip ?:)


mathew said...

I tried out this over the weekend..coz we had a mini-diwali celebration at home..

ahh..deviled egg sounds definitely more hic..;-P
think its like rice porridge which sounds more stylish than kanji!!

btw that snap is from Versailles..there are boulevard like this in front of the is was really nice.

Neha Nair said...

cookery classes huh ? looks good though!.. will try it soon n will let u know.. thanks fr checkin out my audio

Mishmash ! said...

Hey cool, u guys re having a good time there:)
I have seen that boulevard in my friend;s album too, so when i saw the same again in urs, thought it must be some imp place.....and u re right, for any Da-Vinci code fanatics, Paris is always charming , especially Le Louvre! Have fun at Austria :)

P.S Btw , the last pic, I meant the one here in this post, the bottle , not the one in ur album:P and in ur other post, yes, i was referring to the one in album :D

Nanditha Prabhu said...

hey mathews aalu kollamallo!
it my first meeting with the big chef here and i just wonder at you culinary skills too!(or do i have wait till i taste one before passing such a comment!)
grt job!will stop by here more often ...for tips from the big chef! do have "daya" on us herbivores too...

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Mission Accomplished Mr Bonda :) Was nice to read the intro! The eggs look so nice! Wish i cd eat them like that!

Dhanya said...

Oh I didn't know u ended ur diet so fast :P
My guinea pig (read bro) has moved out and so can't experiment with these non-veg dishes.. :(

Cinderella. said...

I absolutely love guys who like to cook..
They look so cute when they cook you know....
And boy, the eggs looked totally terrific...we're observing a vegeterian month this whole of November, Kartik Mahina if you have heard of.
And that egg makes me drool for some awesome biriyani !!!!

mathew said...

oops..i got it wrong..
the wine is from germany itself..although with the made in france label..:-)

I eat herbivores food once in a bluemoon..Here it is difficult to stay alive just one veggies though..;-P
give me nice home made happily veggie then..

why take the risk eh..;-P

hahah.u should be careful with ur guinea pigs..stretch them to the limit..but dont lose em.;-P

nice to see u after a long time..and thanks for the ego boost..;-P

vegeterian month..:-o was it part of the julius ceaser calendar..and u say about minutes..seconds..plzz..;-P

anN-series said...

i repeat my earlier comment

'enikku veshakunnu'...i am jealous of ppl who can cook (& not end up burning the food)..
..and if they r men even more jealous!

Anu said...

hiii Chekku.... the recipe & pics look yummy... dont' know whether you've actually tried it out... well.... danx for the recipe.... my every dish is an experiment and you've jus added one more to it.... very "busy" at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! have fun... Anu...

silverine said...

wow! That looks yummy!! And I hope the Wine is a Reisling, one of my absolute favorites.

mathew said...

@ann series
thanks..i have similiar jealousy dipped in admiration over people who can sing well and draw well..:-)

@Anu chechi
ithu ekke evide cheyunnei parikshanagal alle..ithu veetil ondakittu jeevahaanigalkku yaadhoru uttaravadiyathum njan ettu edukilla!!;-P

nope..i guess this one was Bordeaux..Reisling is sure way good too..nice for cold freezing winter here!!;-P

Wanderlust said...

Man you are so equipped for the battles of the kitchen..But anything simpler for the underpriviledged with permanent disabilty in cooking ???

Shella said...

Hi Mathew mone, I beat you to eating eggs, I just devoured my 4937th egg!!! Just kiddin, you know what if you roll your bondas in breadcrumbs n then fry em, they would look awesome, n just out of a food mag. But the recipe sure is fab. Am I am an egg freak!! Thanks for dropping by,

kochuthresiamma p .j said...

liked the piece. the recipe and the run up to the recipe.would love to try it but wont- might send cholestrol level skyrocketing.

Ankit said...

Yeah man i just love those Bonda;s if u are travellin on howrah mumbai route via train u might spot them on few stations :)

Sridevi Aishwariya said...

:)... we make egg bonda witout the step2... directly fry the egg by coating it with besan

anyways... ur on ur way to 'cook par excellence'!

*lemme tell u a secret iam scared of frying food* ... the hot oil phobea :(

indianadoc said...

Adipoli...ithippo kushini paniyum thudangiyo...I too make this bonda...once in a while..and have suffered casualties too...from the egg bursting when put in aarengilum undakki thannaley ini njan ee bondinodu logyam ulloo ennu theerumanichu...but plate il angu nirathi vachirikkunnathu kanumbol kothi adangunnnilla...udaney oru bondiney vishunganamennu asha....!! :)

silverine said...

I am fed up of eating Egg Bonda. I want something new! *gwumble*

Indrajit said...

heheh lolzzz....

malaika said...

Is this your proprietary dish ? If its ur creation,hats off to ya

Aiswarya said...

First things first, the intro cracked me up! You are a funny writer indeed!

Egg Bonda looks yummy and will defiantly give it a try, would it explode at some point in the oil, I have concerns about that( as my friends health and safety is mine too(who ever would be ready top attempt it for me))!!

Wine with eggs, ain’t heard that one before, but what the heck. So be it!

mathew said...

hahaha...infact you are priveleged.. ;-P

well..i think egg bonda is a universal dish..loved your idea..that must look and taste great...

what is cholestrol btw?? ;-P

roadside snacks are the best..esp stuff like Ulli vada n all.

infact i like it.boiling oil motivates me.. ;-P

mathew said...

hahahah..neways am honoured to have a cook par excellence visiting here..nammakku ekke oru motivation alle.. ;-p

you know my wide array of recipies warrants that i can write only one in 2-3 months..else i ll run out of dishes..;-P
btw u were my disciple..go practise it 3 times a day!!

thanks for droppin by.. :-P

Bonda and proprietary dish!!:-O
have u thought of mindless attack by thattukada owners..;-P

Deepthi said...
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Deepthi said...

Hi there..I stumbled across ur blog two days back, and must say that I got addicted. read all ur posts.. Awesome work dude! u do have a great sense of humor..keep blogging:)

By the way I tried the eggbonda,it sounded so easy to cook - sth any tomdicknharry can prepare - but i was proven didn't turn out well:( may be i can send across to u the photos..the whole thing got matted together and my roomie thought it was ada. anyway, i haven't given up yet..

February 8, 2008 1:03 AM

mathew said...

@Deepti simply floating now..someone actually trying out something written in this feel like king Solmon or somethin..can i have the snap..just for horror sake!!hehehe

Tristessa said...

Great work.