Sunday, November 11, 2007

James Bond meets Egg Bonda…

Source: The M secret dossier


M: Miss Moneypenny as you see… we need a name for our new agent. Do you have any suggestions Miss..?

Miss Moneypenny: affirmative madam. ..Q had recently visited Longitude 33 latitude 46 popularly known as Kerala on a secret mission. Apparently at his majesty’s service he attended a “karayogam” meeting to spy on the communist activities there.

M: Miss Moneypenny as you see I don’t have much time to delve in the details of agent Q’s espionage activities. Would you rather come to the point!

Miss Moneypenny: Excuse me for the brief aberration as I was momentarily reminded of my planned vacation at the Kuttanad resort. Coming to the point... Q tried out some of the alien dishes regardless of his safety during the dangerous mission. In a satellite call last week he send the following message.

“Cobra 1 2 3…Egg Bonda three cartons urgent...Over”

In our track record this is the only message that KGB hasn’t deciphered so far. Let’s call our agent Egg Bond!!.

Felix Leiter:
Interjection please agents. I would rather suggest a more British name James Bond unless you want to get sued by Vasu’s thattukada who currently holds the copyrights for Egg Bonda as per our intelligence reports.

M: okay...then please welcome JAMES BOND!!

To cut a long story short the post is about the inspirational egg bonda which I attempted to make recently. In my chequered history of 'mind blowing' and 'gas blowing' culinary exploits I think egg bonda easily can claim the slogan…”You can’t eat just one!”…not that you pass out before finishing the “one”!!

Culinary wise if you can’t make a proper egg dish rule yourself out as cooking for a career coz any egg dish is the easiest tastiest and quickest snack possible...As you all know egg has always been part of our day to day life. It has various advantages other than the proteins and vitamins…It was always employed as a tool of mass protest especially by onlookers during stage shows all over Kerala. The egg has been inspiration for movies like “Andaas Apna Apna” which was later translated to English as “Egg Mine Mine”. It also was sole reason for "French toast revolution" accoriding to historians..

So how you gonna make this trendsetting dish... No worries kids when the big chef is here!! ;-P

You just got to boil a few egg ...Cut them in half and separate out the yolk. Meanwhile sauté a couple of onions .After they are pretty fried up add ginger-greenchillies paste and a few karuvepallas...Also add half a teaspoon of pepper and salt as required. Now you add the yolk and mix the entire stuff for a few minutes until you get a finely blended mix.

Fill up the egg whites with this mix and restore it back into somewhat like an egg shape as shown below.

Once you are done with this the next part is to make a thick batter of Maida or besan with a pinch of salt. Dip the half eggs and deep fry it in oil. Just gotta be careful that you don’t over fry it...A couple of seconds is all it takes.

This egg bonda sure make a good snack with wine or beer.!!

This post is in loving memory of 4936 eggs I have consumed in my life…So much to make the world a better place to live…sigh..