Sunday, August 24, 2008

olympic omlette

As the olympics comes to we had a olympic special omlette in honour of the ocassion..

Lets hope that we offer citizenship to Michael Phelps for the next olympics..rechristian him as Michael Pillai...

And annex Jamaica.....and we would be fourth in the olympics tally at London!!



Tom said...

Hehe, that's some smart work on the omlette.

Mishmash ! said...

Thanks for the morning dose :D
Creativity at its best :)))

Anonymous said...

Totally Radical Cooking :). Yum! I like innovative omelette's even more!

silverine said...

I am a total egg freak. So kudos for using my favorite food item to come up with this!!

Deepti said...

ROFL and the omlette looks yumm :)

~==[[[ Abhi ]]]==~ said...

Looks yummy :). I'll show this pic to my cook here n tell him to try it.

mathew said...


thanks..that was our lunch toast..

hahaha..radical cookingoo? ;-P

same here..i love eggs!!:-)

thank you...:-)

it tastes just like a normal omlette.;-P

anN-series said...

michael phelps shud be made ' micheal philip meleparambil'..sounds malayalee christian roman catholic syro blah and blah..and my dad will gladly marry me off to him :~D

anN-series said...

please please dont make him michael pillai..then i will have to fight with my family... :~( and waste energy on the tear-shedding and threatening activities...but i shall only marry him and cook him 8 eggs 'olympic omlette' every morning :~D

VIDYA said...

LOL! i seriously agree with annexing jamaica thing...
on te omlette... r those onion rings???

:)) u sure r creative!the closest ive come to anything like ts s making a tri coloured sandwhich for indipendence/republic day.

Rajani said...

nice aamblette!

Salil said...

Hi Mathew,
Ugran omplate annello mashe...
I am into cooking these days and this is going to be on my menu soon.
Very creative, must admit.

Divs said...

Its been so long since i ate eggs/omlette.. that one looks delicious!

Anonymous said...

what a creative tribute to Olympics Yaa! What about including some spicy cooking competition in the London Olympics ?

Kitchen Flavours said...

Wow looks gr8.

scorpiogenius said...

hey, was it an omlette?

On first sight I thought it was the porotta... heheheheee ;)

I like your innovation though! :)

Jyothsna said...

:) This is the only blog where I see humour in the food/cooking!!:))

mathew said...

LOL!! yes for your sake I have just send a request mail to Phelps..;-P

thank you :-)
yeah those are onion rings.


sure its just looks funny..tastes the same anyways..;-D

I make omlettes atleast once a week..

With curry being so popular there, it wont be a bad idea after all.;-P

@Kitchen Flavours
thank you..

aah..ippo parotta adikaan thonnunnu..

thanks a lot.:-)

anudivya said...

I just checked this one... Olympic omlette! How cute is that...