Monday, February 11, 2008

Random entry found in Wikipedia.. 2050 A.D

Kerala Fried Chicken (Mathai)
Or popularly know in the west as KFC (M)

KFC (M)'s Fried chicken wings with German beer…KFC (M) is a chicken dish made typically by professional chefs of repute. The spices used in the making are passed over by generations from secret kitchens in kottayam and Trivandrum…Carefully selected chickens that regularly gym and have ample wings are used for the making of this dish.


This chicken dish along with beer is considered by many as the single reason for violent incidents in the past like World war II, the crusades and till recently during the battle of Panipat.Scriptures say men who had a pack of chicken wings and a can of Beck’s were often ruthlessly chased by other men until the spoils were shared. Many psychologist have agreed that fried chicken wings and beer are man’s best friends..

The original KFC (M) is attributed to a blogger who is considered by one and many as ones of the finest chef’s in the world. Due to the humble nature and not being chicken(;-P) about sharing his masterpieces, this dish has been made open source recipe for benefit of disciples.

Million dollar secret
Now come the question of how you make a gem like this. Carefully selected chicken wings are cleaned, massaged and kept aside.3 teaspoons of chicken masala, a tea spoon of chilli powder, pepper powder, salt and half a teaspoon of garam masala is mixed with half cup of curd. Add few drops of lemon juice as well and coat the mix over the chicken wings. Make slits in the wings to allow the masala to hold on well. Keep this mix of chicken and masala aside for one hour. Fry em in hot oil evenly on both sides until they are glowing golden red. Take em out and allow the oil to drain out over the tissues. Serve em hot with sliced onion dipped in lemon and the best German beer you can get hold of...

Influences in Popular culture

It has often been mentioned in ad’s reflecting the popular sentiments .For eg:-
In a recent ad:’

Silly duffer: - “I have 2 houses, 5 sheep’s and a donkey. I ll give em sir!!
..Will ya gimme that KFC (M) with beer”
Hunk sitting on a harley and holding KFC (M) with beer:- “over my dead body…promise the moon. I ll still say nay!!”

Such ads are vindictive of the huge popularity of KFC (M) and celebrities often fight it out to be the brand ambassador of this niche dish.

Consumption muhurthams

It is considered auspicious to have this dish esp. during Sunday afternoons on a couch in front of the TV which is showing live cricket, football or formula 1 race.

Fun activities

This dish can be used for general fun like:-

Consuming it in front of people who are taking lent.
Take a pack and eat in front of politicians/leaders doing hunger strikes.

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anN-series said...

'general fun'- eating in front of menaka gandhi..i am sure she will join in gladly (i firmly believe tht she is the biggest non-veg around)...or eating in front of 'failed-dieters' like me :~D. it looks like comfort food for injured ppl like me...

jus a note on ads- there was once an ad for a trissur based chain 'asian fried chicken' which had 3 pretty women come out of waterfalls and bite into asian fried chicken thighs!! abt creativity...

mathew said...

hahaha..that is somthing i missed..there is nothing called failed dieters..there are only procrastinating dieters...!!;-P

Lol!! i cant even picturise that ad!!

How do we know said...

u know Mathew, you are a WDH - Weapon of Deadly Humour. And your blog should not be called Ambrosia. It should be called Death by Laughing. (after that famous ice cream flavor - Death By Chocolate).

Nanditha Prabhu said...

i am in this non vegetarian hell hole not to write down the recipes ...but to LOL.....
hope you are enjoying your special muhurthams on sundays!:)

eljo said...

I have one more crackling idea for your supreme product:

Villan(oops!Anti-hero:it is politically incorrect to call them villan these days) : Mere pas gaadi hain, bangla hain, naukar chakar hain... tumhare paas kya hain???

Villan : Mere paas,*half second pause* Mere paas Ma...thai hain...
*chomps on the yummy KFC (M) and wins the kaiyyadi (applause) of the masses *

idea eppady???

Mishmash ! said...

I will go for a much for a plate ? :P A real luxury on Sunday afternoons :) ANd I would always prefer KFC (M) than the original :)

Btw, your lines "Carefully selected chicken wings are cleaned, massaged and kept aside." reminded me of a scene from that Mal movie, "Boeing..Boeing" where Mohanlal & Mukesh fight over a radio show for cooking & body-building classes respectively and after a series of channel-switching b'wn the two, finally Mohanlal listens to the radio person saying "with legs & hands tucked inside in a sheershasana position" and then after 2 seconds, the radio person says , "now your chicken curry is ready" and the lost look on our hero's face :D


harimohan said...

dear mathew
not only is your post great for a bachelor by circumstance like me for all those recipes ,it is written with great sense of humour

mathew said...

@How do we know
thanks a lot..some people die in a different sort of way after getting inspired from the recipie's. ;-P


great idea..i think we should make a movie out of it..well i need to check out my dates..lot of movies this year!!;-P

I love that movie..i remember that sequence too..i cant resist laughing however countless times i have seen the movie..

thank you..I hope it is very healthy too..i know it is tough convincing a doc on that!!;-P

VIDYA said...