Sunday, February 17, 2008

I discovered am not bad at learning from trying out recipes from other bloggers when i instantly was attracted to try out a chicken dish from this blog.

As soon as i saw the pic in that blog, i was like oh..i should try this out sometime..And since when it comes to food matters i dont really procrastinate..So the chicken was bought and cooked as mentioned in that blog..surprisingly it came out just i wished it was!!

A more intimate look is below:-

folks try out this recipe, it sure is a winner...the bug chef certifies it.. ;-P


Mishmash ! said...

Hey so cool!!!! competes with the original inch by inch :)

While going thru ur V-day post and comments, I was thinking you should link ambrosia too in your jeevansathi profile.....will double your market value :D just kidding ok...:P

Dhanya said...

hey give something for veggies also pleeeeeeeeease...

VIDYA said...

whoa! sinful!!! iam trying this out 2mroow!!!!!!

te pics r nice, the 'intimate' look at it is nice 2 , but mathew chetta maybe u should improve ur handwriting.
*snob look*

rv said...

hey nice blog here :) hehe i espcially liked your writing too :) the "james bond meeting bonda" was a cool one :) would you happen to know this chicken dish served in a hotel in ernakulam (Trivandrum Chicken Corner in Pallimukku)? It just tastes so lovely , they serve it with chapathi and lemon juice....I never got a chance to try that after the last time I tried it. I am sure u too wud love it, if you have eaten it.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

mathew .. i second mishmash.. do link your jeevan sathi and bharath matrimony to your ambroisa. you will have queue waiting:)
do consider, what dhanya has said tooo:)

mathew said...

hehehe..athentyyum koode koravu ollu ;-P

yeah yeah..i have been trying hard in that segment these days.. ;-P

trying to write on paint aint a easy job...and i know it is hard to fight with journalist when talking about handwriting..

thanks for dropping by here.. :-)
Trivandrum Chicken Corner is in kottayam ..i brings me lot of memories..absolute love the food they not sure if its still there..

ayyo..Mishmashinte koode chernnu alle ..grr... ;-P
yeah..i have to seriously think of vegeterian sometime..:-)

anN-series said...

hey so u also made chicken CRY...u r giving tough time to ppl like me who are observing lent :~P...after getting inspired by bachelor boy's cooking, i tried my hand at boiling humble pasta and did the honors of setting off the fire alarm :~D

anN-series said...

jus one question- y is the color different in the close up pic?..and Brits wud say "burnt spots and burnt onions lend that special taste to the perfectly cooked chicken which is bursting with the flavours."

silverine said...

The last pic looks like a Surgery tutorial. lol!!!

The chicken looks yum though. I had to give up eggs for Lent *sob* According to the powers that be (read M-O-M), you have to abstain from what you like. So my grand plan to give up non veg but eat eggs is dashed :(

Mallugirl said...

cool! ur photo looks way cooler than mine..:) especially the second one.gotto try ur egg bonds soon. thanks for the what did u eat it with.. a small?

VIDYA said...

ehh, i thought the writing was cool, if i tried it, wouldve looked like a blot or sumthing,. i am ohh soo glad ms word exists, for assigments or else i would have 2 hand in stuff that looks like rough sheets.

i tried the chicko cryy!!! amaziny yummy.

mathew said...

yeah..considering that my roomie is following lent right was just a test I was doin..;-P
and the color diff..flash and w/o flash…germans would call it a chicken on fire..

please don’t laugh here..this is a very serious food of the professional kinds is offending you know that..uh.. ;-P

ente ammo..please don’t embarrass me by saying that..from a guru food gratified…and small onnum illayirunnu!! ;-P

great…another chicken cry fan..J
I must admit that I had a far better handwriting when I was in college..ever since been in IT, ages since written a paragraph using pen…:-(

nimmi said...

The bhindi love story was a big time rofl material....You are truly gifted !!!!!!:))

mathew said...

thanks a lot! :-)