Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just another wedding tale..

When I get bored of the regular dishes it so happens that I attempt something, which I see in food blogs or other foodie websites. But often I face the lingua problem where I would know some stuff in English…. others in Malayalam...and others, which I don’t know in either language. Infact it was quite recently that I came to know that ‘Karugapatta’ is not an obscenity which I thought sounds like so.. or Thymol is not Animol’s sister and Fenugreek is not anywhere from Greece. But then lessons learnt however are lessons learnt isn’t? . I remember the blunder done while I was talking to a German aunty who was offended coz after she told me her name, which was ‘Maggie’ by the way, I couldn’t help but say ‘hahaha…we eat Maggi in India’. Why it happens that we don’t have a blunder warning system installed in our brain to avoid such embarrassing comments.

Neways last week while cleaning up the fridge I was taking out the vegetables in it. There were carrots, capsicums, bhindi’s and several other stuff in there. I cleaned up the refrigerator after a Herculean struggle. Not to mention the small fight I had with roomie for stocking table tennis balls inside the fridge, which I later realized, were mushrooms. It was just a week ago I had caught him for keeping the ‘ice-age DVD’ in the freezer…He says he want to imbibe the soul of the movie. Never mind we always have some serious conflicts at home regarding the content of the fridge.

But the whole point is that a glance on the kitchen table and I saw love in its purest form. It was overwhelmingly emotional and I consider myself lucky to see that. Believe me folks I saw the carrot in love with the bhindi!! Braving the bully Potato and rugged terrains of a cauliflower heap, Carrot overcame the last challenge from onion. Bhindi asked for a slayed onion as a token of appreciation and after a landmark battle, it did finally happen. In a scene reminiscent of dilwale dulhaniya le jayenga on the auspicious day of 2nd of March 2008, Carrot proposed Bhindi..

Being the moral priest I decided to solemnize the wedding between carrot (sole heir of Magnoliophyta family) and Bhindi (beautiful daughter of Abelmoschus esculentus). In what was a very passionate scene the carrot and bhindi embraced at the sanctum sanctorum of my non-stick cooking pan. The mustards cracked in joy to celebrate the momentous occasion. As the carrot applied the chilli sindhoor on bhindi’s forehead, the bride gleamed in happiness. The onion who was opposed to the wedding took it with a pinch of salt and arrived at the ceremony for namesake. The best man Pepper Khan made sure things went well without glitches. And so for ever after or err precisely for 20 minutes the carrot and Bhindi lived happily. Around 1 pm in a tragic fun ride down my GI tract it burned to death after falling on a pool of gastric acids in my stomach. As a mark of respect my shradhanjali for this humble dish.


VIDYA said...


just anothr wediing!!! totally.

it was the 'hottest' wedding of
the year.

Nanditha Prabhu said...

endu patti saare... both blogs move along the same plane.....
you are contemplating too much on dating and wedding!!!
anyways,, glad to see the priest sanctifying a vegetarian wedding...

Dhanya said...

WOW finally a fundoo vegetarian couple :)

anN-series said...

carrot and bhindi...whatte combo!!! they actually go together??...or is this noyambu punishment???

silverine said...

Married until death do us apart! The true couple! What an inspiring tale. Should be made mandatory reading for all newly weds :|

Good piece of writing!

mathew said...

@Vidya was frying hot!!

yes..its lent time for veggie rules kitchen now....weddingum ekke veetukaaru behalamondaakiyal porello....;-P

hehehe..i sinned!! ;-P

they make a nice combo actually..and dont guffaw now, this isnt any personal experiment of mine..i got the recipe from home.

athe..that was a happy tragic story..;-P

Beena said...

so how are the COUPLES? pass my wishes hehe

Mishmash ! said...

"The mustards cracked in joy to celebrate the momentous occasion. As the carrot applied the chilli sindhoor on bhindi’s forehead, the bride gleamed in happiness" How poetic and romantic!! :)) But all such stories I read had a "happily ever after" ending and this was the first one with a shradhanjali note :D

On a serious note, it looks quite attractive and well seasoned.I want my bhindi either burnt or fried as I dont like its sliminess :)

Naveen said...

ha ... ha ...... great love story the way , what is for carrot in malayalam? ..:)

Seema said...

Ahh veg delite :) that too on a non-veg template lol..Lenting?
Enjoyed reading thru the chatpata marriage process!

Sridevi Aishwariya said...

carrot and bhindi... crunchy carrot with gooey bhindi... ewwwwwwwwwww... noooooo... noways!

Seena said...

Hey Mathew,
thanks for visiting my blog..
Hadn't found this blog yet, Loved the way you write..
Hope to come back.. :)

philip said...

Hi Mathew,
Nice post :)
Did you notice that the first picture bears striking resemblance with the Indian flag? I recommend you for the award of 'best chef for promoting national integration'.lol.

tulipspeaks said...

love the humor!


mathew said...

hehehe..they were exteminated..

mine was quite burned too..i just put the less burned ones on the top..

oops..clueless..whats that..;-P

well that was lent back to murder and plunder with vengenance..

@Sridevi is better than chocolate marinated chicken which they served in canteen today..;-P

I wanted naadan Kozhi curry and that’s how I found your blog..great recipes you have..along with Mishmash and Mallugirl blogs..I don’t have to go elsewhere for find recipes..

you know I was emotionally drenched by then..and yead tricolour puddings and ice creams are a big hit in food blog world.

thanks a lot! :-)

Asmita said...

nice foto that one :)

Cuckoo said...

Looks yummy! Am going to try a bhindi-carrot-onion mix too :)

Jyothsna said...

That had to be a Malu wedding, it wouldn't be over in 20 minutes otherwise!!!:)

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