Saturday, February 7, 2009

Mumtaz Mutton- Ek Prem kahani

For the last two years there was a song I kept close to my heart…a song that made my heart beat like “kokokoo...kokokoo…”

“Ho Ek Chicken Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Ek Chicken Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga
Jaise Kentucky Roast
Jaise Reshmi Ka Kabab
Jaise Ujli Kadai
Jaise Schezwan ki Raat
Jaise Tandoor Mein Ho Ek Jalta aag
Ho Ek Chicken Ko Dekha To Aisa Laga”

It was not just a song but a romance that had stood the test of time and it still does…But being the foodie casanova I am, I found someone new and it has caught my attention ever since…I told my spiritual guru about this dilemma… and he asked…

S.G: “What do you think?? How will chicken react to this news?”
Me:I really donno guru… we have always been for each other and Chicki has never left me down…”
S.G:When did you last meet?”
Me:At Burger King…last Friday …and as always it was memorable, though it was kinda awkward when Ketchup was lurking us”
S.G: “hmm…a classic case of mid-life crisis. Have you tried something exciting like going out or doing something Tikka?”
Me:Yeah...we did the Tikka recently and that’s when I saw Mumtaz Mutton at the nearby table…We just couldn’t take our eyes of each other”
S.G:understandable…it has happened to me once as well”

Me:"And then"

S.G:"I was given the "Chicken soup for the soul"
Me:But I wonder if all this sounds like being unfaithful?”
S.G: “No my son… don’t be chicken-hearted…mutton up man!!”

I knew that chicken would forgive me for this little dalliance I was having…

like they say “Mard ka dil sirf ek murghi ko samajtha hein”

So this is how the new crush entered my life …

*Cook the kheema (minced lamb 500gm) with a pinch of turmeric and salt in a pressure cooker...Also cook a couple of potatoes and keep em mashed..
*Meanwhile sauté thin sliced onions (4), green chilies (3-4) and ginger-garlic paste (2 tsp).
*Add the following to the sautéed mix:-
2 tsp pepper powder, half teaspoon turmeric, 2 tsp meat masala, half teaspoon chilli powder, half teaspoon garam masala and salt to taste.
*Once the raw smell of masala’s are gone add the cooked kheema and mix em well until you the masala’s are evenly coated.. Cook this mix for a few minutes until excess water is drained out.
*Add mashed potatoes and crushed coriander leaves and blend the whole mix again..

Now get the puff pastry or anything of that sort…I found this thing called Blatterteig ( rechristened as german roti) which tastes similar to puff pastries after a few flips on a heated pan …

Once one side of this roti is cooked spread a layer of the mutton filling which has already been made…Roll em along the short edge and seal it up…Allow it to remain for a few minutes until you get a golden glow on the outside..

With a few sliced onions and a glass of wine I guess it’s not hard to fall in love…
P.S. i ll be back Chicken..dont worry!!


Philip said...

Shifting alliances? You forgot about Begum Beef who is also equally offended with your dalliance with Mumtaz Mutton.

Mishmash ! said...

hmm....looks like this is the II part of 'Unfaithful' :D

Truly admire your skill in finding a substitute for puff pastry and coming up with such a yummy treat.....

I think your meat mixture, sans potato, would be great for making samosa, with the egg roll wrappers.....or even as a filling for meat paratha, like the aloo paratha...I was actually thinking about some kheema samosa this evening.....:)

Shreya said...

been wondering why there've been no posts..didn't know you were away because of drifts towards mutton! the dish is yummy:-)

Dhanya said...

hmm looks yummy.. Think if I read your blog for a long time I might convert myself to a hard-core non-veggie!!

mathew said...

hehe..i thought no one would notice it...that was extra marital daa...

LOL!! angane parayaam...
yeah, i tasted the filling before adding the mashed potato and it felt quite perfect for samosa...athu ekke cheyyan kurachu time pidikkum....thanks for the words of encouragement...:-)

hehe...thanks for checking out..was getting a bit lazy with this blog of mine...

thank you...:-)
hehe...i must admit that its something impossible for me to turn veggie...

mathew said...
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Divz said...

hey u back to business..
love story kollam...dont worry u romance with ur new love mumtaz mutton(as i dont eat mutton)...iam there to take care of chiki darling..;)

veena said...

Hi Mathew ..
Happy to see ur new post ..Dish looks yummy ...

Anonymous said...

You know Mathew,your caption sells better than anything..whether its German or Spanish..Ambrosia factor makes it

Varsha Vipins said...

Lol on your post.:D.typical my type of dish..kothiyayittu vayya!!!

thomman said...

What?? This is total infidelity! Mathai, it's high time you stop your "culinary promiscuity" with muttons.

Seena said...

Thanks Mathew :)
Your prem kahani was so nice to read!

Pravs said...

nice prem mutton more than chicken. Thanks for coming by.

mathew said...

@Divz post is abt getting back to chikki..

thank you...

LOL..thanks for the generous compliment..

thank you..

wait..wait..its just the first part..

thanks a lot..I often refer to your blog for recepies..

thanks a lot.

Shella said...

You sure are a cassanova - aint you?? Hope you stick to only food flirting and not real life?? anyway the pastry looks awesome and am sure it tasted great too

Anonymous said...

Gestern habe Ich Ihr Puff-Rezept probiert. Aber Ich habe den Teig mit der Fuellung bei 180°C ca. 20 Min gebacken , und das Ergebnis war wuenderbar..sehr lecker..

mathew said...

vielen danke!;)
super glad to know a german trying out something written in this blog. viel spass..